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Particles; random rotation while aligning to normals of surface

ParticleNormals_01 ParticleNormals_02

This tutorial will explain how to align particles to the normals of a surface so that they follow the curves of the surface while still having random rotation about the ‘up’ axis.

Tutorial, creating a tyre sidewall bump map

Tutorial on how to create your own detailed sidewall bump map.

Tutorial, modeling a tyre.

This is my method for modelling car tyres. It takes a bit of preparation but I believe the accurate results that can be achieved are worth the effort.

Exporting a reference using Python.

Referencing in Maya is great in theory but there are a lot of bugs in practice. The scene needs to be set up in a certain way to ensure that the referencing works properly. This can be done by hand of course but can get tedious. Here are some useful bits of python code that can be used to speed up the process.