Life drawing with a Surface Pro 4 with Clip Studio

Digital Life Drawing 02

Digital life drawing

Digital Life Drawing 03

I’ve been using Clip Studio and a Surface Pro 4 to do life drawing sketches for about half a year now. I really like the combination. I thought I it was time to share my thoughts on both the tablet and the software with a mini review on each.

Particles; random rotation while aligning to normals of surface

ParticleNormals_01 ParticleNormals_02

This tutorial will explain how to align particles to the normals of a surface so that they follow the curves of the surface while still having random rotation about the ‘up’ axis.

Mitsubishi Outlander Stills

Rockstars_front_t Rockstars_rear_t Rockstars_side_t

I’ve just completed work lighting few new stills for Mitsubishi. You can see them in situ on the Mitsubishi Australia website. This was a fun little project to work on. The first image had something in the order of 30 different lights. It may sound like a lot but it meant that there was almost no post production work, everything was in render.

Reddit Gets Drawn

_MG_6686_MG_6686_05_b20150417_115045_03_MG_6688_MG_6687   _MG_6693


I’ve been working on sketching and painting people from Reddit Gets Drawn. If you don’t know about it, it’s an online community where people post photos of themselves, their family member, or close friends and other members attempt to draw them. It provides an almost limitless supply of reference photos to draw from and you get a warm fuzzy feeling from the knowledge that you’re doing some nice for strangers on the internet. There’s a weekly list of favourites picked by the mods so there’s an incentive to really push your game. It’s a good way to challenge yourself at drawing and it’s really interesting to see what other members do with the same reference photo.

You can check out all my submissions along with the reference photos they were based off here.

Crows ‘We Fly As One’ TVC

Here’s a cool TVC I just finished working on while at Kojo. The shot in question is the very quick flurry of Crows players disappearing into a murder of crows.

Tutorial, creating a tyre sidewall bump map

Tutorial on how to create your own detailed sidewall bump map.

Gettin’ some of the old life drawing down.

In my pursuit of understanding the human form more, I’ve decided to give life drawing another shot. Here I’ve tried a few construction techniques to improve the accuracy of the shapes.

P150EM laptop review after a years use

My laptop, a Metabox P150EM, is a little over a year old at the time of writing (which usually means it’s half a century old in laptop years). It has since been succeeded by the P150SM. My understanding is that the two are very similar and thus this review should hopefully still be relevant. There are plenty of reviews out there that talk about what the laptop is like brand new but I aim to provide some insight into the reliability of this machine over a longer time period.

I bought the laptop because I knew I was going to be doing a lot of traveling and wanted something I could take with me if need be. I’ve used it frequently since then and also had to move it around a lot so I’ve had an opportunity to see how it copes in plenty of different situations.

Tutorial, modeling a tyre.

This is my method for modelling car tyres. It takes a bit of preparation but I believe the accurate results that can be achieved are worth the effort.

Food in motion

I love food, I love cooking it, I love eating it, I love photographing it, I love creating 3D models of it… I also love well crafted video clips of it. This is one of my favourite pieces. Watch it in HD. Gorgeous lighting, beautifully edited, how could you not love food after watching this?