3D Reel

I started working in 2007 as a generalist but slowly started shifting towards lighting, surfacing and rendering. Below is a reel of selected projects that I've contributed to.

My Contributions

01: Lighting (Abu and Iago)
Aladdin (feature film)
One Of Us
02: Set dressing (grass, trees, rocks, etc.)
The Lion King (feature film)
03 - 06: Look development (environment), lighting (all)
Smart Meter - Gaz and Leccy: Hairdryer (television commercial)
Picasso Pictures
07: Lighting, rigging, look development, texturing, rendering (tree house)
The Lucky One (feature film)
08: Lighting
Jaguar - EV (brochure still)
09: Lighting, look development
Mitsubishi - Challenger (brochure still)
10: Lighting(cows)
Watchment (television series)
Outpost VFX
11: Lighting, compositing
Sherlock Gnomes (feature film)
12 - 15: Modelling, set dressing (ship details), particle system, matte painting, compositing
Passengers (feature film)
16: Look development, lighting, rendering (glass and juice)
Tropicana - Little Glass (television commercial)
Picasso Pictures

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